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April 19, 2018

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A perfect leash can help you not only walk your dog, but also train perfectly. The dog leash is a must while going for running, hiking or going on a trip with your canine friend. On a whole, an effective rope dog leash helps a great deal in controlling your 4 legged companions and establishes your complete authority over them.

Types of leashes:

There are various types of leashes available on the market each offering various innovative ways to control your pet.

  • An important one is the Models with retractable ropes and a brake button that can manually adjust the length of the leash to retract into the handle in order to control a dog.
  • Next comes, the Slip leads that look slimmer, gracious and don’t often pull your pet’s hair up.
  • Another interesting category is Chain leashes, which are durable but are too heavy. They are ideal for dogs that chew up their leashes frequently.
  • Hands-free models are the most popular of all. The leash is strapped to a belt around your waist, thereby making it hands free.

Dog specialists recommend selecting the kind of leash based on the occasions. Here are a few of the popular rope dog leash that are sold in the pet shops these days:

  • Flexi Classic Retractable Dog Lead:

Flexi’s dog leads are completely retractable when required. Its ergonomic handle is convenient to grip. It also comes with a reliable hook that allows you to follow your dog in every direction that it leads. The leash can hold dogs weighing up to 20 kg. It even provides option of upgrading your leash with the optional LED lighting system to improve visibility during the night time.

  • Barkswell Hands Free Dog Lead:

Barkswell hands-free dog lead can adjust from 70 to 120 cm to facilitate your comfortable walking. Besides, the leash has a special flexible bungee that allows absorbing the shock of sudden movements of your dog. To add more, there is a zipped pouch with 2 compartments to keep your essential items such as mobiles as well as poop bags! Finally, if you are an active dog owner who enjoys outdoors activities, this leash will be an ideal solution for once and all.

  • Halti Running Dog Lead:

It is a special kind of leash that saves your valuable time to teach your dog new commands. This dog lead has been carefully designed by popular cynologist, Dr. Roger Mugford. This reliable double-ended swivelling hooks with the D-ring helps to conveniently adjust the length for mastering basic commands. The leash is made of the highly durable nylon that is bite proof too!

  • GHB Extendable Retractable Dog Lead:

This extendable retractable dog lead is primarily designed to add more comfort to the dog owners. Its non-slip rubber handle facilitates a comfortable grip and contains a thumb operated brake button. The hooks of this leash are made of high-quality material, which is strong enough to restrain even large-sized dogs with utmost ease!

  • Flexi Neon Retractable Dog Lead:

This Flexi dog lead retracts up to 5 metres, thereby offering your dog complete freedom of movement. The lead has reflective stickers and a bright neon coloured cord with reflective threads that is more than enough to make you visible to motorists and pedestrians from a long distance. With it, you can enjoy walking experience with your dog anywhere and at any time.



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