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August 20, 2018

Most of the steroids are synthetic version of testosterone, which is a male hormone and can help you to build muscle, improve your appearance and enhance your overall performance. However, you cannot ignore the reality that steroids can create certain side effects, which are pretty dangerous and some of them are irreversible. Let us therefore look at some interesting facts about steroids.

Facts about steroids

Most of the steroid users are usually male young sportsmen. Besides that, many football players, body builders, cyclists, runners and swimmers also use steroids. Many actors and models also use steroids to improve their image. Few teenagers also use it to quickly look mature and achieve puberty. Here are some facts about steroids.

  • Female high school students are the fastest growing users of steroids
  • Among the high school level athletes, 44 per cent of them are using steroids and obtaining steroids from illegal sources.
  • Among the teen male athletes about 11 per cent have admitted that they use steroids to get better performance in their sports.
  • Survey has been conducted secretly among retired NFL players and it was revealed that 10 per cent of them have used steroids in their career.
  • Among the offensive linemen 16.3 per cent have admitted that they have used steroids.

Few myths about steroids

There are many myths about steroid use and here are few of them.

  1. Higher doses can give better results

Many users of steroids believe that by taking higher dose or by taking longer duration the results will be better. That is not true rather it increases the risk of various side effects.

  1. Steroid increases the temper

Many people think that by taking steroids people become more aggressive and show more hostility however that is not true. It however depends how you take steroids.

  1. Steroid will shrink your penis

Since natural production of testosterone will decrease and as a result there may be shrinkage in the testicle however your testicle will be in normal size as the steroids are stopped.

  1. Steroids will result in massive muscle growth

Simply taking steroid will not help in muscle growth. You also need to take proper diet and maintain exercise routine to get big gain.

  1. Only anabolic steroids can help in performance enhancement

It is not necessary, human growth hormone is not an anabolic steroid, but is effective for performance enhancement.

Nigel Lacroix

Nigel Lacroix

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