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August 20, 2018

Smart Assistant Bixby of S9

Aug 5, 2017

Bixby (bix-bai: if we want to pronounce it as the language of Shakespeare). Bixby is an intelligent assistant, whether you like it or not, it will become your faithful companion on this Galaxy S9 phone as it did too with Galaxy S8: not only does it replace the Google Now wizard by default, it also has a dedicated physical button dedicated to it.

Is there any way to change the function of the Bixby button on the new Galaxy S8?

Bixby is displayed exactly in the same place as the Google assistant on the Android phones in which it comes pre-installed: to the left of the main screen of the mobile. There are two ways to activate this wizard: by swiping your finger from left to right on the screen from the main menu or by pressing its physical button. And by voice? By voice, we cannot do anything, since the assistant of Samsung still does not speak the Castilian. It is anticipated that the Bixby AI  in the forthcoming modish model of Samsung, the Galaxy S9, would be programmed in such a way so as it could be able to understand all the languages and smartly respond to it in any language in all countries.

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The Bixby Smart Assistant

So, if you do not have voice functions in Galaxy S8, what is the Samsung assistant for? For three things that have a proper name: Bixby Home, to see news, weather and other interesting data on one screen; Bixby Reminder, to create smart reminders (type: “remind me to buy bread when I get home”); And Bixby Vision, to scan products (a bottle of wine, a packet of candy, a drink …) from the camera and get information about its price. But there are many issues in Galaxy S8 mainly in the visual recognition system, the issue likely to be resolved by the coming of modish Galaxy S9 in the market.

The Google Assistant can also be used on the Samsung Galaxy S9

In any case, that Bixby comes factory installed on this phone S9 does not mean that we cannot also use the Google Assistant. Although to the left of the main screen in Galaxy S8 will always show us the Samsung assistant, what we can do is to hold down for a few seconds the Home button to reach the Google assistant that shows us in the form of cards Weather information, traffic status and news along with, of course, the option to do voice searches. We could enjoy many, many exciting stuff with this feature of Galaxy S9.

The Upday Platform on the Galaxy S9

On a daily basis, in my opinion, the most interesting thing about this smart assistant in Galaxy S9 is the Upday platform. We are talking about a personalized news platform that, beyond the main headlines it can offer daily, hides a very interesting algorithm in order to show us news that is according to our tastes, the same feature we saw in Galaxy S8, but in Galaxy S9, this virtual AI would work more speedily. It works with an algorithm that learns over time, and the more news we read, the better it will know what headlines to recommend us for next time.


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Range of juicer models to offer you a mind blowing juicing experience

Jun 22, 2017

Some people are convinced that making juice at home is a troublesome and time-consuming sort of activity. This makes sense especially when the process is combined with the constant need to wash parts that aren’t easy to clean actually. Many admit that it causes lots of inconveniences when you are in a hurry or late for work. At least, it used to be like that. Today, with all the newly introduced features, things are just different. Preparing fresh nutritious juice is now a fun and relaxing experience, especially if one of the top of the line juicers is used to get the job done.

Models to go for

    Omega 8006 belongs to the masticating type of juicers that operate at a low speed and come with a mesh screen to crush the ingredients. The rotation speed of 80 rpm creates an optimal environment for squeezing rich in taste and full of nutrients juice. Also, the absence of heat helps a lot in fighting oxidation and preserving all of the vitamins and minerals a fruit normally contains.
    Everyone who enjoys simplicity and convenience in use will be amazed at how efficient this device is when it comes to squeezing citruses. The juice drips really fast and boasts a truly rich taste. There’s also a great control over how much pulp gets thrown into the glass. This model is simply a dream of a sophisticated citrus lover.

    Using a different approach to the process of juicing, this machine grants its owner with a simply unsurpassed quality of produce. The double-auger technology allows the ingredients to be crushed more effectively and preserves the nutrients in their original state. In addition, the ability to process nuts provides a unique opportunity to prepare nut butter in the comfort of your own kitchen.

    How to make the right choice

    It’s not surprising that the bigger the model range is, the harder it is to focus on something particular. In our case, we’ve reviewed only three of the top segment models. Yet, even that is enough to make a person confused with the problem of choice. In a situation when you can’t decide what suits you best, it is recommended to consider factors like customer reviews, price range, and brand recognition. However, what’s more important, one needs to define what sorts of ingredients they’ll use on a regular basis and choose a machine in accordance with those demands.

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Taking advantage of Your Articles

Jan 4, 2017

Content is still king now and most commonly it is king! This means that if you’re comfortable writing content, you’ll have no difficulty picking out top-shelf content on the consistent, consistent basis. However, where do you turn if you’re not so confident with writing and eliciting the response out of your audience that you simply expect.

Expressing yourself effectively through content

Because not every business proprietors (or anybody who works) are natural-born authors, they might not every have the ability to express their ideas and feelings effectively through their content. Obviously, there’s also the chance that some business owners don’t want to write plus they notice like a most bitter pill. If either of individuals scenarios apply, you should understand there are ways around it which will still acquire a positive result.

Share your story effectively:

It’s important that you should know how important it is your content clearly expresses your story (really, you’ll have many tales to inform with time). There’s without doubt that the content ought to be correct theoretically speaking too. Quite simply, you need to seriously consider grammar, punctuation, spelling, sense, and flow. However, around the more ethereal side, it’s also wise to make certain that the content comes with an emotional/human bent into it. It’s that human quality which will ring true for those who are studying what you’re discussing. The reason behind that’s they’re in a position to connect with what you’re saying simply because they have observed such like. Before you begin writing anything, you have to establish what story you need to tell. You should keep in mind that if you’re sincere, genuine, and sensitive, even when your writing isn’t high quality and extremely sophisticated, you’ll be able to the touch your potential customers emotionally.

Express yourself via a video:

Whenever you consider content, that content isn’t necessarily by means of written words in writing (or perhaps a screen). Content comes in great shape, including graphic images (stills) and videos. A relevant video could be very effective for individuals those who are visual. For the reason that situation, words on the page won’t have nearly the positive impact that the video or perhaps a graphic image may have. If you’re getting a hard time picking out video topics, you should use exactly the same sources that you simply do whenever you write content and you may check out what your competition do. They could give you the product specifications too.

Get another person to produce your articles (sometimes):

Sometimes, you’ll need (and wish) to produce the information yourself and it is sometimes okay to obtain the aid of another person. However, you should keep in mind that regardless of whether you produce the content yourself or else you have another person get it done, it has to always inform your story, regardless of what. As an individual who is managing a effective business, the probability is great that you’ll be busy with many different various things and article marketing might not continually be towards the top of the listing of priorities. It’s suggested, however, that you will get exactly the same person (or people) to produce your articles every time allowing you to have consistency. Individuals will arrived at expect that of your stuff and it is crucial that you simply deliver with that each time. Before your partner (or people) produces the content, it’s a great idea to sit down lower with her or him so the body else understands exactly what you would like and want. It’s important to not assume not, rather, to condition it clearly for your partner.


Not everybody on the planet has got the same article marketing skills. Many people are perfect authors who’ve a comparatively easy duration of creating all the various kinds of content while some aren’t as comfortable or as skilled with content. If you’re within the second category, you should not allow that to prevent you. You may still write (and have written for you personally) wonderful, effective, valuable content that have a positive effect on the folks that you’re discussing that content. You have to begin with the idea, research, hone your quest findings, organize the concepts of the content, and begin writing. Furthermore, after you have written the information (or produced in certain alternative way), you have to concentrate on discussing it with as numerous appropriate audience people as you possibly can.

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Exactly What Do People Generally Look For On The Web?

Mar 22, 2016

You will find a minimum of a billion searches conducted on a daily basis on these popular and broadly used search engines like google. However, the problem of interest is exactly what these folks really look for. There are several tools and platforms that may be effectively used to determine which people finder for on the web.

  • Google trends

This facility enables you to make use of a database of Google for those searches. This will also help in figuring out which of these keywords are very popular. You are able to hence view the level of looking queries more than a certain time period. There’s also certain groups you can use which mostly are based on groups, regions, sub regions and languages.

  • Your Google Autocomplete

This really is an execllent tool that’s known as because the Google Autocomplete also it can also aid you complete your research. This could simply be carried out by supplying all of the keywords which are seen in line with the past searches. Whenever a user types a specific keyword in to the search engine, there are lots of other keywords that exist and displayed for any user to select from them.

  • The excitement log

It is capable and useful as it can certainly show all of the popular and top keywords which are being looked at that time of your time. A buzz score is definitely present which is the one which is taken into account. There’s also a couple of additional options that may narrow lower the excitement log.

  • AdWords keyword tool

You are able to enter terms or perhaps a single term to be able to search the level of all of your keywords along with the competition that it’s facing. There’s also a couple of advanced options and filters that may permit you to refine when it comes to locations and languages. This may also be done with the aid of a mobile along with a typical desktop.

  • Twitter search

Twitter is among the best three social networking platforms at this time of your time. There’s a vast sums of users which use Twitter every day. As a result it naturally turns into a helpful tool o recognize what individuals are trying to find. You should check out the trending celebrities and users from around the globe, the trending news topics along with other subjects on current matters. It is among the important thing to remember.

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3 Things You Can Do When Listing Your Company Online

Mar 8, 2016

Listing your company from our directories enables individuals to help you find. When done correctly, listings also improve your website ranking. To get the best from listing your company you must do it correctly. To assist you here’s list of positive actions:

Choose the very best directories

It’s suggested you have your company indexed by as numerous directories as you possibly can. When you’re beginning the procedure you ought to have your company indexed by the main and popular directories. Being indexed by the most popular directories increases your status as well as puts you before many prospects.

Additionally to listing your company within the popular directories, it’s also wise to find smaller sized directories which are specific for your niche. For instance, if you are a decorator, you need to look for a directory that just lists companies coping with interior planning. Although this may not provide you with just as much exposure because the large directories, you’ll have use of more specific clients. Additionally, it lets other business proprietors inside your niche realize that you exist.

Go into the necessary details

Because you want individuals to help you find, you need to include information which enables these to locate fairly easily and recognize you. You need to incorporate your name, street address, telephone number, current email address and when necessary, the organization emblem. When you’re entering the facts in various directories make sure that every detail are consistent. A persons brain may process images much better than text therefore, it’s advocated that you simply give a couple of photos of the business. You can photos of the products or images of your company building. It’s advocated that you simply include pictures of your product or service so your clients can know what to anticipate whenever using you.

Because the directories are online, you need to sprinkle a couple of keywords which will allow people thinking about the services you provide to locate you.

React to testimonials

Should you undergo the majority of the online directories you will notice that the majority of them allow people to leave reviews. To improve your status you need to persuade folks to depart those reviews. When a customer leaves an evaluation, always take the time to react to it.


If you’re a business proprietor and also you aren’t listed you do your disservice. You need to discover the trustworthy directories in your town and list your company.

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