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April 19, 2018

As a big country, there are many big cities in Indonesia. This country has many islands and some of them are in big area and there are big cities in it. In this case, Makassar can be one of the biggest city in Indonesia. Makassar is located in Sulawesi, specifically in South Sulawesi. Makassar is the big city in this island and it is also the capital of South Sulawesi at the same time. Even, it is said that Makassar has become largest city in the area of east Indonesia. As a capital city and largest city, of course there are many great things offered by this city. In this case, one of them is the great experience of exploring shopping in makassar gold. Makassar gold crafts and gifts have become so famous and it is getting more famous since there are many tourists coming to this place.

Talking about gold, it is true that chances for shopping in makassar gold shops are one of the great things offered by this city. This can be great destination for tourists who love shopping. The gold crafts and gifts are not found in the mall, yet the great gifts from gold can be found in several famous areas of shops.

  • Talking about famous area for buying the gifts made from gold, Somba Opu can be the great destination to visit. This is actually name of area and also name of street. This street has become so famous since along this street, there are many shops or stores selling the gifts from gold. The golden gifts are made by experience crafters and these make the gifts are so beautiful. Tourists will find that this can be great chances for exploring since the gifts will be so special for loved ones or family at home.
  • Somba Opu is not only about gold and its gifts. There are also gifts made from silver and pearl. Some of the gifts are not made in Makassar, but in Kendari, the other town located in Sulawesi. The silvers are also beautiful and they can be compared with the gifts and souvenir made from gold. Then, the pearls are also special. People can find both natural and cultivated pearls in the shops. The pearls are found in open sea of Ambon and Papua, so the quality will always be great.

Then, when it is about Makassar, there are still other things to find. In this case, experience for shopping in makassar gold shops are not the only great things to do. In this case, Makassar is also famous for its silk. The silks are so special since they are hand-woven silks. The silks are made manually by using the traditional tools and these are done by the local women of Makassar, including also women in Tana Toraja. The silks are not made in the industry, but they are handmade silks. This fact make the silks so famous. Of course, it is not only about the process of making that makes this silk so special. Its unique design and color really represent the culture of Makassar, so this can be iconic gifts to buy.


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