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January 23, 2018

A synthetic version of the natural hormone testosterone, Oxandrolone is known to increase lean muscle mass while boosting strength and stamina of the user. Combined with a proper diet and exercise routine this component can work wonders for the user if used in the proper dosage levels. Due to the high anabolic and mild androgenic nature of this component it is one of the favorite among beginners. This is a suitable steroid for use by women due to the absence of major side-effects like virilization and development of male voice, commonly associated with most anabolic components.

Unlike many steroids, the Anavar is relatively powerful working on the muscles to make them denser and larger with a long lasting impact.But before considering using any anabolic component it is recommended to research well and gather sufficient information. This will help to know about the probable pros and cons and make the user aware of the effects that can be experienced from the use of such substance. The best source for such information is the World Wide Web or a physician specializing in performance enhancement drug.

Commonly observed benefits

There are several forms of this supplement, each serving a different purpose. The ointment form of this component is considered to be the best in reducing visceral and abdominal fat while improving muscular strength and benefits associated with durability and vascularity. The zero side-effect is the most talked about benefits of this supplement. Adverse effects like greasy skin, damage to hair follicle and acne formation can be completely avoided if proper dosage intake is followed. This is commonly used to initiate hairline growth accurately and providing much-needed relief to women suffering from weak bones like osteoporosis.

The medical uses of this supplement are also unending as it is highly recommended for patients who have a long background history of high cholesterol levels. It is also prescribed for those looking to gain a substantial amount of body fat after losing weight for some chronic infection, post-surgery or any traumatic episode. But being categorized as a schedule III controlled substance by the FDA it is restricted for us in the US and certain parts of Europe and Canada.Above all, this product can be easily purchased from the online market without the need for a medical prescription making it available for potential users across different parts of the world.

Know how to use

Cycling and dosing any anabolic component is one of the most difficult tasks and is a major contributing factor towards determining the effect of the substance upon use. But Anavar being a mild steroid poses a lesser threat upon deviation from the suitable usage path. Thus it is suitable for athletes looking to put on lean muscle mass before any competition. The cycle period varies for different class of users and also on the purpose of use. While women should take around 10mg to 20mg for a continuous period of about 6 weeks to generate the desired impact, men may prefer to take upto 50mg for pronounced results.

James Rinehart

James Rinehart

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