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February 24, 2018

If you have discovered that your medical practice is suffering from overload, you might want to look at all the ways a medical answering service can help. There is an array of options and features available with most services that can reduce the overload and make your practice more efficient as well as more customer friendly and helpful.

Patients are your customers and helping them is your calling. The last thing you want to have happen is letting your practice get bogged down in day to day details of office management, leaving your patients to suffer. If their calls aren’t answered and they can’t get appointments scheduled or re-scheduled in a timely manner, the perception can be that you really don’t care about their well being. This is a deadly ding on your reputation, and has brought about the close of more than one medical practice over the years.

When you use a medical answering service, you gain the advantage of increased customer service. With an inbound call center geared to taking all your office’s incoming calls, it’s like you have added to your staff without being responsible for all the other bits that have a financial drain on the practice – vacation time, overtime, insurance, and much more. The answering service’s staff will study your protocols and answer as if they were sitting in your office. They can filter through the calls and determine which need immediate attention and which could easily receive a callback to provide a more evenhanded level of service.

Calls can be forwarded to your office as needed, and messages can be sent to you or your personnel through various means – email, voice mail, text or page. In this way, you have options in response times according to the situation for the patient. It is much easier and quicker for you and your staff to scan through email or texts and move those who need assistance first to the head of the line, prioritizing the responses according to need. Your patients will thank you for giving them access to information and someone to talk to when they call in – from a professional standpoint, you have provided them with the type of time and attention they deserve from you.

While calls are the most important service provided, often you need additional help with calls that are about appointments for your office. Taking care of setting appointments or rescheduling those that need it, handling cancellations and working to fill the gaps they cause, and outbound calls to patients for appointment reminders can all be managed by your medical answering service. When you’ve taken advantage of this service in addition to your inbound calls, you will understand just how much of a burden you have lifted from your practice staff. They can attend to your patients with more care without the constant interruptions from ringing phones and appointment calendars. Your patients feel the difference, and that translates to you being able to develop more comprehensive relationships with them to serve them better. Check out the options and features available to your practice by visiting and choose the service that is right for you and your patients. Learn more about the benefits of a live answering service here:

Before you hire another receptionist, visit to see how a medical answering service can be a more affordable, more efficient choice.

James Rinehart

James Rinehart

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