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January 23, 2018

Bixby (bix-bai: if we want to pronounce it as the language of Shakespeare). Bixby is an intelligent assistant, whether you like it or not, it will become your faithful companion on this Galaxy S9 phone as it did too with Galaxy S8: not only does it replace the Google Now wizard by default, it also has a dedicated physical button dedicated to it.

Is there any way to change the function of the Bixby button on the new Galaxy S8?

Bixby is displayed exactly in the same place as the Google assistant on the Android phones in which it comes pre-installed: to the left of the main screen of the mobile. There are two ways to activate this wizard: by swiping your finger from left to right on the screen from the main menu or by pressing its physical button. And by voice? By voice, we cannot do anything, since the assistant of Samsung still does not speak the Castilian. It is anticipated that the Bixby AI  in the forthcoming modish model of Samsung, the Galaxy S9, would be programmed in such a way so as it could be able to understand all the languages and smartly respond to it in any language in all countries.

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The Bixby Smart Assistant

So, if you do not have voice functions in Galaxy S8, what is the Samsung assistant for? For three things that have a proper name: Bixby Home, to see news, weather and other interesting data on one screen; Bixby Reminder, to create smart reminders (type: “remind me to buy bread when I get home”); And Bixby Vision, to scan products (a bottle of wine, a packet of candy, a drink …) from the camera and get information about its price. But there are many issues in Galaxy S8 mainly in the visual recognition system, the issue likely to be resolved by the coming of modish Galaxy S9 in the market.

The Google Assistant can also be used on the Samsung Galaxy S9

In any case, that Bixby comes factory installed on this phone S9 does not mean that we cannot also use the Google Assistant. Although to the left of the main screen in Galaxy S8 will always show us the Samsung assistant, what we can do is to hold down for a few seconds the Home button to reach the Google assistant that shows us in the form of cards Weather information, traffic status and news along with, of course, the option to do voice searches. We could enjoy many, many exciting stuff with this feature of Galaxy S9.

The Upday Platform on the Galaxy S9

On a daily basis, in my opinion, the most interesting thing about this smart assistant in Galaxy S9 is the Upday platform. We are talking about a personalized news platform that, beyond the main headlines it can offer daily, hides a very interesting algorithm in order to show us news that is according to our tastes, the same feature we saw in Galaxy S8, but in Galaxy S9, this virtual AI would work more speedily. It works with an algorithm that learns over time, and the more news we read, the better it will know what headlines to recommend us for next time.


Edgar Potts

Edgar Potts

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